The Rector of AAB College: Today the world lost the colossus of universal values

2 July 2024

It is with deep sadness that we received today the news of the death of our great writer, Ismail Kadare. There are no words to express the pain for this great loss of the colossus of letters, who raised Albanian values ​​to universal values, distributing them to all humanity.

Ismail Kadare was more than a writer; he was a diplomat of words, a storyteller who wove the complexities of human existence into his narratives with unparalleled skill. His work crossed borders, entering the hearts and minds of readers around the world. Kadare’s literary journey was one of extraordinary courage as he used his voice to explore themes of identity, history and freedom, offering a beacon of hope and understanding in troubled times.

His work earned him a place among the greats, and his nomination for the Nobel Prize in Literature was a reflection of his significant contributions to the literary world. His ability to create narratives that spoke to universal truths and his commitment to artistic excellence made him an outstanding figure in literature. He was a true ambassador of language and culture, stimulating every possible imagination of the reader through his works which were and will remain timeless.

In 2014, we had the special honor of awarding Ismail Kadare the prestigious award of our well-known poet “Ali Podrimja”. This was a testament to Kadare’s extraordinary talent and unwavering dedication to art. But it was also our acceptance of his ability to capture the human essence, to articulate the unspeakable as he himself knew how to say it and to challenge everything through the power of his prose.

Today, as we mourn his passing, we must respect the legacy he left behind. Ismail Kadare’s words will continue to inspire, challenge and elevate us. His works will remain a testament to the unshakable power of literature to help bridge divides, foster empathy and illuminate the human spirit.

As Rector of AAB College, on behalf of the staff and all students, we express our sincere condolences to his family and loved ones. We share your pain and honor the immense contribution of this remarkable man. He will live on through his work, reminding us of the beauty, complexity and resilience of the human being.

Kadare’s voice may be silent now, but his words will echo through the ages, guiding and inspiring generations to come. The literary world lost an outstanding soul, but his creativity remains eternal and universal, like a light that never goes out.

Rest in peace Ismail Kadare!

Dr. Sc Blerim Olluri

Rector of AAB College