The second scientific conference organized by Fan S. Noli University with partner AAB College is held

3 June 2024

The second international scientific conference on “Multilingualism, Innovation and Digitalization in the Light of European Education Policies” was held, organized by the University of Korça Fan S. Noli, in which AAB College was a partner.

Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​Aida Alla and professor Uranela Demaj represented AAB College in this event, through their presentations from the field of translation studies and sociolinguistics.

Dean Alla, in her presentation, emphasized the importance of paraphrasing in the translation process to bring the most acceptable text into the target language.

Meanwhile, Professor Demaj presented a paper focusing on multilingualism and historical dynamics in the urban environments of Pristina.

Such partnerships enhance AAB College’s cooperation and networking with universities in the region and promote the creation of new scientific projects in the future.