Successful completion of the First Semester of Master’s Studies at AAB College, In The Subject Of European Business Laws and Regulations I,

14 February 2023
The semester of master's studies at AAB College is successfully completed

Founded by the European Union

The course “European Laws and Regulations of Doing Business: Competition in Europe”, which was carried out within the framework of Master’s studies at the Faculty of Economics and Law of AAB College, as part of the Erasmus+ program, has provided students with specific knowledge about EU legislation of doing business within this union, thus marking a successful end of the semester.

Some of the aspects presented to the students were related to the main legal and economic aspects of the SAA, consumer protection, business establishment opportunities in the European market, GDPR, worker protection, trademark protection, environmental protection policies, competition policies and the functioning of the internal market in the EU.

The program will continue for the next semesters and will be implemented by the professors of AAB College: Donat Rexha, Pranvera Dalloshi, Mentor Borovci and Bashkim Rrahmani.