The show “Frog” brings the reality of our country to the scene of AAB’s Chamber Theater

27 December 2018

Theatrical performance “Frog”, directed by Burbuqe Berisha and actors, Ilir Tafa, Donat Qosja, Basri Shala and Valmir Krasniqi, premiered last night at the Chamber Theater in the premises of AAB College, and was very well received by the public.

The director of the show, Burbuqe Berisha said at the press conference that the show “Frog”, tackles sensitive issues and confronts the reality that we have gone through since the end of the war in Kosovo. She also added that this show should not be missed because it relates precisely to the current state of affairs in our country.

The lead actor in “Frog”, Ilir Tafa, emphasized that this show has brought strong emotions both during the rehearsals and on the premiere night. He also added that the actors and the director’s intent to show what they wanted through performance was delivered well to the audience.

Tafa said that it’s been a full eight years without being a part of a theatrical performance in Kosovo and that the reason why he decided to play in this show is because of its story, and the emotional value it holds for him.

After the premiere of the evening, which proved to be very successful, the show “Frog” is once again being played tonight at AAB’s Chamber Theater at 20:00.