The vice-rector for international relations and cooperation at AAB College, part of the “I love Balkan” conference

19 September 2022

Prof.Ass.Dr. Venera Llunji, vice-rector for International Relations and Cooperation, at AAB College, has
participated in the “I love Balkan” conference. The purpose of the conference was the debate and
discussion about women leaders in entrepreneurship and civil society, where participants from the
Balkan countries such as: Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Serbia, were invited.
Llunji, spoke as panelist about the role she has in AAB College, one of the most successful educational
institutions in the country and beyond. She spoke about gender equality at AAB College, where up to
50% of leadership and management positions belong to women. Further, Llunji adds that this support to
women at AAB College should also be followed as an example by all institutions in Kosovo.
This conference was organized by Balkan Women Association, WBF Western Balkans, UN Women
Kosovo and NGO Lady-CC4 Women led by Sanija Murati, chair of Balkan Women Association.