Thousands of high school seniors invade AAB College to attend Matura courses

27 May 2019

Thousands of high school seniors from all the municipalities of Kosovo, today invaded AAB College to attend Matura courses, which are offered free of charge in the preparatory school for matura exam.

The preparatory courses for high school seniors at AAB College will last until May 31st, 2019. These courses are offered in Mathematics, Albanian Language and English Language, for which the best high school teachers are chosen.

AAB College also offers free transportation for high school seniors from cities outside Prishtina. All students who wish to join these courses must complete the application at the following link:

The high school seniors expressed their gratitude towards AAB College for organizing these preparatory tests, which they gladly attended in great number this year too. According to the graduates, this is a good opportunity to refresh their knowledge of pre-university studies.

The Preparatory School for Matura Test at AAB College is offered in all three AAB branches in Pristina, Ferizaj and Gjakova. According to statistics, those who have been part of these courses have always been successful in the matura exam.