Three books by authors Rame Buja and Vrullim Buja are promoted at AAB College

17 May 2023
In the AAB College, the three books of the authors Ramë Buja and Vrullim Buja are promoted

Three books: “Political Movement”, “Political Systems” and “Democracy, Development, and Demonization” by the authors Ramë Buja and Vrullim Buja were promoted. The event took place in the Chamber Theater of AAB College, where family members, friends and colleagues of the two authors participated.

Rector of AAB College Lulzim Tafa congratulated the authors for their books saying that it is a pleasure to welcome two characters who are known for their qualifications, contributions and values. He further added that AAB College is now not only the main center of culture but also of books, as every week it brings book promotions.

The dean of the Faculty of Public Administration of AAB College, Petrit Bushi, spoke as a reviewer of the book “Political movement” which he evaluated as a very voluminous and prepared material. He said he expects this book to be in debate and competition with books by foreign authors based on its content.

While the two reviewers of the books “Political Systems” and “Democracy, Development, Demonization”, Professor Bashkim Rrahmani and Professor Ylber Aliu said they feel privileged to have made an analysis of the books they said serve as texts, guides and studies.

The author of books and professor at AAB College Ramë Buja thanked the attendees, family and friends who accompanied him during his journey to promotion.

While the author Vrullim Buja answered the questions of the students present about the books, the topics they deal with, but also the success they expect to have.