19 February 2021

Today marks International Radio Day, and on this occasion, the premiere of the documentary film for radio was exhibited, conducted by the Faculty of Mass Communication, through which was shown the history and role of radio over the years.

As well, the radio and its role were discussed together with the most famous journalists/moderators on Kosovo radios in the present, who are students and alumni of AAB College.

“We are a continuation of the work of our colleagues, but today the way of making radio has changed. “Today we speak and you speak, everyone has the right to give their opinion,” said Robert Bojaj, host of the program “n’Frekuencë” on A-Radio.

While Behare Bajraktari, from Radio Kosova said that the increase in the number of radios in our country, has made the competition increase and this makes us work harder and bring something new.

On the other hand, Gent Efendia from Radio Glam, spoke about the role and effect of radio in terms of marketing. He stressed that radio is a very good advertising opportunity and that despite the new formats, radio continues to be listened to.

On International Radio Day, the Faculty of Mass Communication gave a posthumous award for the well-known journalist and radio moderator in Kosovo, Hivzi Krasniqi. On this occasion, the family of the late Krasniqi, thanked AAB College for honoring the act and work of Krasniqi.