Training for academic staff successfully completed, coordinators satisfied with its performance and the number of interested attendees

22 July 2022

Today, the last trainings for the professional development of the academic staff were held, where the key topics and alternatives that make the work easier, but also the result afterwards, were addressed.

The trainings were held at the AAB College within the “Summer Program 2022” of PDIC, while there was a large number of those interested in attending these trainings in their professional advancement.

Some of the topics covered during these trainings were: “Evaluation of students based on competencies and grading”, “Communication and connection of research with public policies”, “Higher education methodology from the perspective of the principles of adult learning”, “Culture and organizational leadership” etc. Meanwhile, the lecturing staff of the trainings consisted of professors who dedicatedly revealed the methodology of professional development for academic staff.

AAB College has continuously hosted trainings that aim the development and professionalism of the academic staff, thus making it one of the most reliable and modern institutions of higher education in Kosovo.