Two professional volunteer projects of students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at AAB College are completed

28 June 2024

Two voluntary professional projects for students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​at AAB College, such as “English from Me to You” and “Student for Student”, have been successfully completed.

“English from Me to You” project aims to improve the English language skills of children in the SOS Village. English students from AAB College, initially trained by coordinator Niman Dreshaj, for the fifth year in a row organized free English language courses for the children of SOS Village throughout the year.

The representative of the SOS Village, Arjeta Rexha, said that “the efforts of the faculty have made an important difference in the lives of the children in the SOS Village, and we are extremely grateful for your contributions”.

The “Student for Student” project aims to support AAB College students from various disciplines by providing peer-led learning and academic support. In collaboration with the Career Center, English students organized English language courses to help their peers improve this language.

“The success of these programs is a testament to the dedication and passion of our students,” noted the dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Aida Alla.

The “English from Me to You” and “Student for Student” programs have not only provided educational benefits, but also fostered personal growth and social responsibility among volunteers. These initiatives reflect the core values ​​of AAB College, emphasizing the importance of community engagement and mutual support, and build a supportive community within the college.