Ukrainian MPs and Chairman of the Western Balkans Institute visit AAB College to discuss with students and academic staff

18 September 2023
Ukrainian MPs and the chairman of the Institute for the Western Balkans visit AAB College to talk with students and staff

Today, some of the representatives of the Ukrainian parliament, such as Mykola Davydyuk, political scientist and Shcherbak Tetyana, secretary of the parliamentary group, visited AAB College where they held a discussion with students and staff. Nenad Canak – head of the Institute for the Western Balkans also visited AAB College.

The topic of the conversation was about the ongoing war in Ukraine, then the Russian influence in the Western Balkans and the steps to be taken to live in a peaceful world without wars.

Davydyuk and Tetyana from Ukraine shared the difficult moments they have gone through while the attacks from Russia continue, adding that Kosovo unites with them based on the past it has had.

Canak from the Institute for the Western Balkans spoke about Serbia’s attitudes towards Russia and Kosovo, while also mentioning his efforts that the truth should be known and neighboring countries are obliged to maintain good relations with each other.

The students had the opportunity to pose their questions to all the guests, to share their experiences and to get to know the progress that may have been made so that they can have it in order with their peers from other countries of the Western Balkans in order to have prosperity and understanding between each other.