1 April 2020

Albanian football icon Lorik Cana, who is also a member of the AAB College Board of Directors, addressed the students through a video message, encouraging them to become actively involved in online lectures, to constantly communicate, be informed and above all else, follow the rules of self-isolation.

World-famous football player Lorik Cana in this video message talks about the consequences that COVID-19 has had on all walks of life. AAB College Governing Board member emphasized that using the online learning platform developed by AAB College is essential at this stage for all students. It has encouraged them to be active and involved in the distance learning platform, so as not to be disconnected from the learning process and make the most of this period. Cana, who currently lives in Rome, Italy, has also spoken of the isolation and strict application of the rules set out to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Former football player and former captain of the Albanian national team Lorik Cana urges students to prioritize health care and not allow this difficult period for all to create consequences for academic growth. He calls for actively pursuing online lectures and utilizing this platform to stay active and informed about studies, sports, work, health and many other areas in order to keep a fresh mind. In this case he also gives a personal example of how he is currently spending time.

Cana appeals to AAB College students to read more, communicate and be patient, hoping that everything will return to normal soon.

Lorik Cana is widely recognized as a multidimensional personality who has consistently been and remains an inspiration to younger generations, a model of success thanks to his work, dedication and commitment.