Vetëvendosje Movement’s Chairman, Albin Kurti, holds discussion on Kosovo’s economic challenges with students of AAB College

2 May 2019

Vetëvendosje Movement’s Chairman, Albin Kurti with the students of AAB College, today held a discussion on the topic “Challenges of Economic Development of Kosovo”, where he spoke about important economic issues that Kosovo is going through; such as investments from foreign countries, opening of new factories that guarantee employment of Kosovo citizens, new economic models, etc. 

During the lecture Kurti said that the state isn’t necessarily supposed to be a leader in the economy and the market, nor should it be a spectator from the sidelines; it should, however, be an actor.  

Kurti said. in front of the students, that neither from nature, history or culture can we find any explanation for the situation which we find ourselves in, which for many is considered unfavorable. 

“We as students, professors or as citizens and politicians cannot say that the blame for our poverty and unemployment falls upon our culture, history, nature or any of that. The state that we are in has completely to do with the economic model we subscribe to as citizens, “Kurti said.

During the discussion, Kurti added that, in order to have a developed state and a developed economy, the private sector needs to be supported. According to him, the private sector in Kosovo is in a poor condition.

“A future Kosovo government should be in the service of private sector growth, especially small and medium enterprises, because the average public sector salary has exceeded the sum of 500 euros and has risen above 100 euros in the last five years, while the average wage in the private sector is about 350 euros, this is unacceptable.

We should help the private sector, ” added Kurti. Kurti also focused on foreign investments being made in Kosovo.

He said that Kosovo has been languishing for a while in the department of foreign investments.  “I’m aware that our economy is crippled not only by lack of investment, but also by bad and unnecessary investment.

Investments in our economy are made banking on the likelihood of potential misuse, not on the need of citizens and what is beneficial to the economy, “he concluded. 

Kurti told AAB College students that Vetëvendosje has both a political and economic development program which places its emphasis on the future, in which the past will serve as a rearview mirror, to know where we came from, in order to move on and become more successful. The student meeting with Vetëvendosje Movement’s Chairman ended with an interactive discussion in various issues facing the Kosovo economy.