Vice-dean, deans and professors of AAB College conduct other meetings in the Czech Republic

4 December 2023
The vice-rector, the deans and the professor of the AAB College hold other meetings in the Czech Republic

As part of the staff exchange as part of the Erasmus+ program, the staff meetings of AAB College and Masaryk University in the Czech Republic are continuing.

This time, the vice-rector of AAB College Venera Llunji together with the two deans of the Faculty of Public Administration Vrullim Buja and the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Fatmir Pireva, together with professor Donat Rexha have participated in a meeting ad get-around in Brno, Czech Republic, at the invitation of Professor Jan Pavlík, who held the position of Director of the International Office at Masaryk University and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

This meeting revealed exchanges of ideas and plans, mainly focused on improving the international programs of academic institutions. Pavlík, with his wealth of experience, articulated a vision that embraced diversity, inclusion and academic excellence.

After the meeting, Professor Pavlík kindly led a fascinating walk through the historic city of Brno.