Webometrics ranks AAB College first amongst non-public institutions in Albanian lands for the number of quotations on google scholar

28 January 2022

Even though over 30 thousand universities around the world are evaluated in the Transparent Ranking system based on Google Scholar data, the January 2022 edition, for the first time, expanded its list to include another 7 thousand universities and institutions of higher education.

According to data published in Webometrics, AAB College ranks first among non-public institutions of higher education not only in Kosovo, but also in the entire Albanian university space (Albania, Kosovo, and Northern Macedonia).

AAB College ranks immediately behind the University of Prishtina, leaving behind for thousands of positions all other public universities and private colleges in Kosovo.

Based on the results, it turns out that in this edition, about 1 thousand additional citations were added to AAB College, not counting the top 20 authors with the largest number of citations, who according to the methodology used, are not included in the ranking.

AAB College continues to be committed to development and research, supporting both projects and research of academic staff and students. This is evidenced by the International Scientific Journal “Thesis”, which is published by AAB, and is already indexed on about 50 scientific platforms, including: DOAJ, Hrcak, Base Bielefeld, MIAR, Worldcat, etc.

Transparent Ranking, as the list of top universities from Google Scholar citations is called, is published by the Spanish High Council for Scientific Research, of which the Cybermetrix LAB research group is also a part of.