“Why start-up businesses fail” – students of the AAB College campus in Gjakova are informed by experts of this field

19 November 2022

At the campus of AAB College in Gjakova, an open discussion was held with students on the topic “Why start-up businesses fail”, as a result of the many activities of the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

A panel with two participants who have many years of experience in the business world, were Agron Mustafa and Butrin Batalli. They brought their views and important information on the reasons why start-up businesses fail and how crises are managed in such cases.

Mustafa mentioned the passion for business, which according to him is one of the main pillars to have ongoing results, while Batalli emphasized the power of communication within an organization, business or company, which plays a role in not bankrupting the enterprise in times of crises, whatever they may be.

Thus, through conversation, the students managed to identify the causes of these failures by themselves, asking questions about how this phenomenon can be avoided.