With important international partners and participants, the Virtual Scientific Conference organized by AAB College was successfully completed

25 October 2021

Over 100 participants from the country, region and the world presented about 80 scientific papers in the second international scientific conference, which was held virtually at AAB College.

The conference “Westernization, Europeanization and identity formation in the Western Balkan countries” was considered very important as Kosovo is learning the journey of countries that are already members of the European Union.

At the opening of the conference, the Rector of AAB College, Bujar Demjaha said that such events prove the commitment and one of the major priorities of AAB College for the development of science. “I believe that this conference will give a great contribution outside the borders of Kosovo because the topic is complex and somehow covers the territory of Southeast Europe,” said Demjaha.

The Vice-Rector for Scientific Research, Uranela Demaj, also spoke about the importance of the conference, saying that this conference becomes even more important because it brings together some very prominent partners from abroad, mainly from the European Union, while for the first time in the history of AAB College, we also have the University of Bologna as a partner. The conference is important because it conveys the message of unity and internationalization, Demaj said.

While the Vice Rector for International Cooperation, Venera Llunji, speaking about the organization of this conference, emphasized her expected results. “It is very important for us to see what are the approaches that influence and help strengthen the identity of a country, taking into account that Kosovo is a new country. It needs to create its identity, which means we need to see what paths Kosovo takes to be a strong country in all its aspects, “said Llunji.

It should be noted that in the plenary session of the conference, which aroused the interest of the participants, well-known names of science from prestigious universities in the world were referred to, such as: Prof. dr. Raymond Detrez, Ghent University from Belgium, Prof. dr. Pal Kolsto, University of Oslo from Norway, Prof. dr. Ines Aquile Junyent, Catalonia University from Spain, and Prof. assoc. dr. Besnik Pula, Virginia Tech, from the United States.

The conference “Westernization, Europeanization and identity formation in the Western Balkan countries ” was held in 11 separate panels, which addressed, in scientific terms, issues related to politics, economics, culture, identity, art, etc.