Within #GEW21, students of AAB College were trained by well-known experts on doing business

11 November 2021

Within Global Entrepreneurship Week #gewkosovo2021, at AAB College, for the students of the Faculty of Economics, a one-day workshop was held, which aimed to increase and develop the skills of students in order to draft business plans, to be aware of the budget process in the Republic of Kosovo, as well as to know specifically the legal basis of business-doing in Kosovo.

In this training, students also learned about the conditions of Kosovo’s international trade relations with other countries in Europe and the globe.

Through this workshop, students had the opportunity to learn from well-known experts of the field, such as Shkëndije Himaj, Salvador Elmazi and Sytrime Dervisholli.

The experts who were invited to this training for students, also shared their concrete experiences related to the topics, as well as practical examples of business registration, drafting business plans, for which students had the opportunity to implement specific exercises and tasks regarding the topics.

Such training and workshops will continue in the future, for the purpose of increasing the capacity of students and providing important information, so that they have much easier access to materialization of knowledge gained during the study.