Workshop on strategies for promoting products and services in Kosovo held at AAB College

8 March 2021

As part of the course “Marketing of services” of the Master’s program Marketing and Business Management, a workshop was held with students on how to promote various products and services of Kosovar companies. In this workshop, the students demonstrated the ability to interpret the needs of the company in order to promote their products and services, showing different research methods of local and international markets and how they adapted to the opportunities and needs of the company.

Professor Ali Ismajli and the students participating in the workshop during the promotion of products of Kosovar and foreign companies operating in Kosovo, stressed that clear and honest communication with customers is the basis of the company’s success, and, the methods of product promotion represent strategies that each company must invest heavily in, in order to adapt them to consumer behavior.

The students came to the conclusion that services are more difficult to promote than products, but that modern marketing through social media provides very good opportunities for the promotion of services. They are also distinguishable by the promotion and communication strategies with customers, emphasizing that in Kosovo, the most used form for service promotion is advertising on social networks and direct contact by company officials in the premises where potential customers live and work. Whereas, among the most used strategies for product marketing are advertisements, discount campaigns, premiums, bonuses, coupons, etc.

The students were praised for their work, their way of demonstrating the methods of promotion, and their analytical interpretation of business performance. They were very pleased with the organization and added that such activities increase their capabilities and knowledge to act independently and wisely in business.