World Book Day and World English Language Day are marked with a student recital from the Faculty of Foreign Languages, the “Masar Stavileci” award is given

23 April 2024

To mark World Book Day, Copyright Day and English Language Day, the Faculty of Foreign Languages for the sixth year in a row has organized the student recital at the Chamber Theater of AAB College.

In this recital, students had the opportunity to express their talents in singing, poetry and recitation, while they were also awarded with prizes by the jury consisting of the dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages Aida Alla, vice-rector Venera Llunji and professors Fatmir Ramadani, Albert Paçarizi.

Rector of AAB College Blerim Olluri in his welcoming speech said that “for the sixth year in a row, AAB College promotes and appreciates the extraordinary talent of our students, the richness of the English language, and the indisputable importance of the book”.

“On this date, on World Book Day, we appreciate the written word, poets and writers who shape our intellectual, literary and academic perspectives to this day”, said Olluri.

On the occasion of World Book and Copyright Day, the “Masar Stavileci” prize was awarded to the three students who have read the most books from the library of AAB College. The students who received this award were: Figena Xhukolli, Aurora Spahiu and Agin Jupaj.

As for their performances, the two most distinguished students were Emir Aliu receiving the award “The best poet” and Altin Mulaj the award of “The best performance”. These awards were given by the rector of AAB College and dean Aida Alla who noted that “the English language serves as a connecting bridge throughout the world, therefore this recital is a promotion of the diversity and values of our students”.

Students who were certified for their participation in this recital were: Begë Gashi, Leandra Llugiqi, Aurela Munishi, Flona Spahiu, Blertinë Thaqi, Pashtrik Rrustemi, Taunita Kastrati, Riad Ramadani.