5 February 2021

On the occasion of February 4, World Cancer Day, the medical field programs within AAB College organized two important activities aimed at raising awareness and discussing forms of prevention of this disease.

At the Media Center of AAB College a lecture was held by oncology experts, Sehad Kadiri and Ekrem Hyseni, who said that 1500-1600 people are diagnosed with this deadly disease each year in Kosovo. 

Even in the world, this disease is considered to have one of the highest mortality rates. It is estimated that every minute 17 people around the globe lose their lives to cancer. 

Oncologist Ekrem Hyseni, a teacher at AAB College, said that so far, in Kosovo, the equipment for the treatment of this disease in UCCK has been outdated, but there have been recent developments in improving the technology and equipment for cancer treatment. He announced that the new device for radiation therapy will be launched soon.

Meanwhile, the Faculty of Nursing of AAB College and Dokuz Eylül University from Turkey organized a joint online discussion roundtable, marking the “World Cancer Day”. This roundtable also discussed the new forms of treatment of this disease, where they talked in particular about the effects of music therapy.

The factors that affect the prevention of this disease were also mentioned, such as the reduction of smoking and alcohol consumption, increased physical activity, and the quality of the food we eat and early detection.