3D printer it is created by students of Computer Science at AAB College

7 April 2016

Students of the Faculty of Computer Science have created 3D printer, which is now ready for printing different three-dimensional figures, which will be designed and modeled in advance.

“The project for the creation of 3D printer started earlier, because the idea was not to adopt it but to order all its constituent parts and the same to be created by the students of this university,” said the dean Blerta Prevalla, adding that “the region has very few institutions that have a such printer, which is very practical and finds application in many different areas.”

Students of the Faculty of Computer Science of AAB College, which for the practical implementation of computer have completed labs, or hardware laboratory, which besides tiles NAO robots Arduino and 3D printer was added as well.

This 3D printer will serve all current students and future generations who will be enrolled in the Faculty of Computer Science, to test their skills in the design and modeling of various shapes and three-dimensional structures.

The rest of the students will have the opportunity to work on creating the software for 3D printer, and creation of 3D models.

The project of 3D printer creation is performed under the supervision of the dean Blerta Prevalla and professor Ermir Rogova.