7 new games were created as part of the Global Game Jam 2020 held at AAB College

5 February 2020

After 48 hours of uninterrupted work, the Global Game Jam 2020 event concluded. This event that takes place simultaneously in 119 countries around the world, began on January 31 at 5pm and ended on Sunday, February 02, 2020.

Participants of the Global Game Jam 2020 event, that was held for the second time in our country, worked on the creation of computer games under the theme “Repair”, which was the central theme of this edition worldwide. The participants, including AAB students, managed to complete 7 projects (games) that were then published on the official website of GGJ.

Compared to last year, the participation was much higher and the number of projects implemented almost doubled. In this edition of GGJ, the keynote speaker was Chris Avellone – the internationally renowned game designer.