A roundtable discussion is held within the framework of the awareness campaign “16 days of activism against gender-based violence”

7 December 2023
A panel discussion is held within the awareness campaign "16 days of activism against gender-based violence"

Within a panel consisting of many guests, starting from the OSCE ambassador in Kosovo Michael Davenport, the Deputy Minister Of Justice Vigan Qorrolli, the dean of the Faculty of Law of AAB College Mentor Lecaj and Adelina Berisha from the NGO “Kosovo Women’s Network”, a roundtable discussion was held within the awareness campaign “16 days of activism against gender-based violence” at AAB College on “Istanbul Convention: “What is the role of the law faculties in transforming commitment into reality?”

The vice-rector of AAB College, Venera Llunji, in the capacity of moderator, opened this activity by emphasizing the incomparable importance of respecting human rights, especially in cases of violence of any kind.

The OSCE Ambassador in Kosovo, Michael Davenport, for the students present who were from the Faculty of Law, said that their role in decisions that change society and divide justice comes to the fore starting from the smallest cases. Davenport further stated that the statistics of gender-based violence and murders are disturbing, and for this, steps should be taken that always emerge from the justice bodies.

The Deputy Minister of Justice, Vigan Qorrolli, described educational institutions as the most influential places of social values, saying that the main burden of all others is for future lawyers to carry their experiences and values in a sociological and cultural way in society.

The Dean of the Faculty of Law at AAB College, Mentor Lecaj, spoke about the work that this faculty conducts, starting from the organized events that highlight human rights, to the teaching subjects in which these sensitive issues for society are always incorporated. He also said that debates about gender equality were and will be the tradition of this faculty.

Adelina Berisha from NGO “Kosovo Women’s Network” mentioned with concern the recent cases of violence and murders that have occurred in the country, raising the alarm that each step taken by the justice system is of special importance and involves people’s lives and well-being.

Under the moderation of the Faculty of Law professor Ganimete Ismajli, in addition to the main speakers at this table, AAB College was represented by a student analysis of Rita Imeri and Leandrit Llunji, who presented statistics, comparisons and comments about Article 34 of the Istanbul Convention regarding persecution (stalking).

Also present at this table were Biljana Nastovska, gender advisor at the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, who spoke about the Istanbul Convention as the first comprehensive international legal act to combat violence against women, together with Rachel Halfpap, who focused on the best international practices in ensuring gendered access to justice clinics.

At the end, there was a debate and discussion between the students and the guests along with the questions asked regarding this topic.