AAB Alumni Talk continues promotes the success of Lirie Hoti

13 December 2021

AAB Alumni Talk, an activity conceived by the Career Center, is continuing its series of discussions with successful graduate students with today’s guest Lirie Hoti.

A graduate of the Faculty of English Language and only 22 years old; she has managed to get a job as a teacher at The British School of Kosovo. Alumni Lirie is proud of her achievement of completing both the faculty of English language and that of Law simultaneously with a very high GPA. She also added that it has not been easy at all, but she has learned a lot and has always tried to keep up with the times in terms of professional achievement. The former student of AAB College emphasized that the greatest merits go to AAB College because during her journey, she has found much support in this institution.

“During my studies, the support of my family will definitely not be discussed because it goes without saying, but the support of AAB College, and the professors, has never been found lacking, and it is what has pushed me to get to where I am.”

Lirie Hoti is currently the manager of the EduGrua project funded by the Swedish institute and a graduate of the academy for young professionals at Lund University.