AAB Alumni Talk guest speaks about her professional journey

29 December 2021

In the promotion of successful graduate students within the activity #AABAlumniTalk, invited to reveal the experience of her professional journey to current students, was Shukrije Lecaj, a graduate of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Alumni Shukrije, said that she is happy to be at AAB College once again, however, this time, in the capacity of a successful former student. “You are lucky to be part of AAB College, especially the department of Social Sciences, it is a road that leads to a bright future. Pedagogy, in my opinion, is not a profession but a mission.”

She also stressed that AAB College has helped her a lot in publishing some of the publications she has made. In addition to the training and practical work she has completed, Shukrije Lecaj, a graduate of the Faculty of Social Sciences, is now employed as a pedagogical coordinator in the project HOPE Swiss Caritas in Kosovo.