AAB College, a member of the Association of Balkan Universities

11 April 2018


At the fourth meeting of the rectors of the universities of the Balkan Universities Association, held at the University of Tetovo, the application of AAB College for membership in this association was reviewed and accepted.

AAB will initially be an associate member, and in the coming year will become a full member, including the right to vote. This membership enables AAB College to be part of a wide network of academic and scientific collaborations and enables AAB College as the largest non-public institution in the country to contribute to the goals of this association, which among others aims to improve the intercultural dialogue in the Balkans.

The Association of Balkan Universities is a network that includes universities from the Balkans and has a vision of forming a scientific network among member universities for the purpose of scientific cooperation in fields such as art, history, economics, sports, education, etc.