AAB College and Findbug are bringing the 5th edition of the HAKO conference to LEARN, WIN and HELP

11 September 2019

September 12th—The day when hacking is legal

We as a society are very dependent on technology. From menial tasks to very important ones, we leave to machines. It is a convenience that we cannot do without. However, this dependence also makes us vulnerable to those who exploit machines to gain unauthorized access to data—hackers. 

Hacks can be anything from playful pranks to extremely harmful cyber invasions that steal your personal information, gain access to your vehicle or alarm security in your own home, all from the safety and anonymity of distance.  For this reason, we see hackers as malicious individuals who partake in this illegal activity for personal gain, to cause harm or to simply draw the ire of their targets.  

But what if we were to tell you that hacking can actually be beneficial to us? 

In this day and age, it is not enough to just install preventative measures to protect your technology against ever-evolving malware, and this is where ethical hacking comes in. 

Ethical hacking is a type of hacking used to find vulnerabilities in systems before they can be exploited by malware, bugs and different types of endlessly multiplying malicious viruses employed by cyber-criminals and hackers. 

In order to raise awareness on malicious hacking and how to combat it, AAB College, together with our partner Findbug have organized the regional conference “Hack to LEARN, to WIN, and to HELP” with the most captivating topics in the field of cyber-security by the top-10 experts of cyber-security in the world.

Why should you attend this conference?

With participants from around the world, this conference is focused on learning about cyber security and ethical hacking. This is your best opportunity to participate in the largest cyber security assembly in the Balkans.

The newest cyber security techniques, tactics and methods are just some of the topics of this conference that will be covered by world renown speakers and experts of cyber security.

What benefits does this conference have for you?

During this conference, which will be held on September 12, 2019 in the premises of AAB College, you will meet and learn from well-known names in cyber security, which will give you an opportunity to expose your skills to the right audience and facilitate the launch of your career in the field of cyber security. 


Parallel to this conference, the fifth edition of “THE DAY WHEN HACKING IS LEGAL” is also being held.

During this workshop, security researchers have an eight-hour window to report gaps in security on different programs that will be made public in the day of the event. During this event you will have a chance to display your skills to a relevant audience and make a name for yourself, make new contacts, make a difference with your research, learn from the top-10 best cyber-security experts in the world, and have a chance at winning the Ethical Hacker of the year award. 

Those interested can apply online where you will be evaluated transparently in real-time. In order to apply you need to be committed and to finish the application test given during the process of registration. 

Hint: Crypto+Proxy. You will not need advanced tools for scanning, the challenge is simple and logical.

Link for application: https://app.findbug.io/app/hacker/register

Only a limited number of applications will be accepted, apply now to become a part of the most attractive race in the Balkans!