28 September 2020

This agreement makes official the partnership between Kosovo CSR Network and AAB College, which aims to empower the Kosovo youth and contribute to their professional development.

Initially, this cooperation agreement will focus on the Kosovo Generation Unlimited project, which will be implemented by Kosovo CSR Network, and supported by the UNICEF program in Kosovo. This program, together with relevant actors (UNICEF, private sector, government institutions, education institutions, etc.) will create substantive opportunities to address and support the unmet needs of our young people – in the field of non-formal education, developing their professional skills, and also, creating employment / internship opportunities.  

Simultaneously, this project aims to contribute in the empowerment and development of these youths, while also increasing the capacity and the opportunities for them to be a part of the workforce, and planning policies and involving them in the decision-making processes through the assistance of voluntary private sector mentors or other young professional mentors.

The young from AAB College will be doing their internships in different companies and organizations for a period of 3 months, where a number of them will contribute as youth mentors in various initiatives under the UNICEF Program.

Mentoring professionals will assist young individuals (15-24 years old) from many communities who will be beneficiaries of the UNICEF Development Programs, under the Adolescent Development and Participation Program (ADAP), to achieve their potential in the development and implementation of their projects.

The cooperation agreement was signed by Prof. Ass. Dr. Venera Llunji, pro-rector of cooperation and international relations and Vesa Dinarama, official representative of the Kosovo CSR Network.