5 June 2018

A series of activities of common interest has united AAB College with the Municipality of Mitrovica. These two institutions signed agreements for inter-institutional cooperation in areas that benefit one another.

Both institutions, through this agreement signed by the rector of AAB College, Mr. Lulzim Tafa, and the mayor of Mitrovica, Mr. Agim Bahtiri, agree to cooperate in the future in various initiatives to promote quality education through joint activities.

Rector Tafa thanked President Bahtiri for the readiness expressed for cooperation with AAB College, saying that this institution will be engaged with all its available capacities in order for this cooperation agreement to find the most successful implementation.

On the other hand, President Bahtiri thanked AAB College for creating the opportunity for cooperation and said that he will always be ready and open for cooperation that is in the best interest of the students.

“I’m ready to help students. They are the future of the country and they need our help”, said the mayor of Mitrovica Agim Bahtiri after the signing of the agreement.

Through this cooperation agreement, students of AAB College will have the opportunity to do their practical work in institutions/departments, directorates, agencies, school and preschool institutions of the Municipality of Mitrovica.

AAB College, through this agreement, will offer full scholarships to the best students of the Municipality of Mitrovica, in any of its study programs.

AAB College, as the largest investment in Kosovo and beyond in the field of non-public higher education, has so far signed cooperation agreements with several municipalities and many other local and international institutions and organizations.