AAB college and publishing house “Furkan-ism” from Macedonia sign cooperation agreement

13 July 2018

Following the cooperation agreements which AAB College is signing with all Albanian publishing houses, today on the premises of this college, a cooperation agreement between AAB Publishing House and the Publishing House “FURKAN-ISM” from Macedonia was signed.

The agreement was signed by the director of AAB Publishing House, Mr. Urim Sallauka and the director of the Publishing House “FURKAN-ISM”, Mr. Muhamed Murtezi.

Director Sallauka thanked Director Murtezi for his willingness to cooperate and also explained that AAB College intends to help with the publication of books through agreements such as this one.

On the other hand, Director Murtezi appreciated the readiness of AAB College for cooperation with the Publishing House “FURKAN-ISM”, saying that this is a golden opportunity for all publishers, since according to him, a college such as AAB College with its modern infrastructure, is the best place where a book can be promoted.

Director Murtezi, on the occasion of signing this agreement donated publications of their very own publishing house to the AAB Library.

Through this cooperation agreement that was signed between AAB Publishing House and Publishing House “FURKAN-ISM” there will be a promotion of books by Publishing House “FURKAN-ISM” in the premises of AAB College, organizations of joint professional and academic activities, among other things involving the usage of space in the premises of AAB College.

The agreement also includes the participation of this publishing house in the book fairs that are organized by AAB College.

AAB College, as the largest investment in Kosovo and beyond in the field of non-public higher education, has so far signed cooperation agreements with several publishing houses nationwide, and beyond.