AAB College and Radboud University from Holland sign a mobility agreement for academic staff

25 September 2018

AAB College and Radboud University from Netherlands have signed a cooperation agreement on the exchange of academic staff as part of the Erasmus + project framework. According to this agreement of cooperation, the main beneficiaries will be the academic staff of AAB College. 

The staff will have the opportunity for academic mobility at this university from 7 to 60 days. On the other hand, the academic staff from Radboud University will be engaged in teaching at AAB College as part of the Staff Mobility for Teaching component. This is a great opportunity for the academic staff of AAB College to learn from Radboud University’s experiences and practices.

The exchange of such visits between the academic staff of both institutions will help with the expansion of AAB’s networking with other European Universities. Radboud University of Netherlands is one of the highest ranked universities not only in the Netherlands, but the entirety of Europe. It offers a wide range of studies in different fields, with greater focus on scientific research.