AAB College and St. Clement’s University from Macedonia sign cooperation agreement

4 February 2019

Given the importance of international cooperation in higher education, AAB College has signed a cooperation agreement with St. Clement’s University in Skopje.

With the signing of this cooperation agreement, these two institutions promise their support and readiness to contribute to enhancing the cultural, educational, and research and development cooperation between Macedonia and Kosovo. The agreement was signed by the rector of AAB College, Prof. Dr. Lulzim Tafa and Rector of St. Klemen University Prof. Dr. Saso Korunovski.

During the signing of this agreement, the dean of the Faculty of Criminology, Criminology and Security Studies of the University of Sarajevo, Prof.dr. Nedzad Korajlic was also present, who coordinated the establishment of cooperation between these institutions.

Priority to this agreement will be the development and coordination of important issues in higher education and professional education, the organization of joint programs at all levels of study including doctoral studies, information exchange, staff visits and offers for funding and research from the European Union. The agreement also foresees the exchange of academic staff and visits for advice and coordination of standards, courses and curriculum development, educational and pedagogical issues, as well as counseling and training for academic and administrative staff.