AAB College was awarded with’ ’Partnership Prize’’ by ISA

22 November 2016

With the opening of the proceedings of the International Scientific Conference “Education and sustainable development, the future that we are creating” in Tetovo, Macedonia from over 40 universities with which it has cooperated Albanian Institute of sociologist in the last 10 years, AAB College was awarded, with ’’Partnership’ ’prize which on behalf of the institution was accepted by Vice-Rector for Science, Dr.sc. Hasan Saliu.

Dr. Saliu, expressed his gratitude for the award, and said that receiving this prize is an honor for the AAB College, because it comes from a member of a global, International Sociological Association (ISA): “I am pleased on behalf of the Rector of AAB College, Prof. . LulzimTafa, to express my sincere gratitude for the award, while I wish you good luck and success for the conference, “said Hasan Saliu.

Saliu said that the cooperation of AAB College with Albanian Institute of Sociology has proven to be very effective in organizing scientific conferences, as has been the conference last year in Pristina, where there were about 200 participants, as well as today’s conference is the result of this cooperation.

He reminded conference participants that AAB College is the largest non-political institution not only in Kosovo but also in the region, taking in consideration the accredited programs, the number of students, the infrastructure, and the number of academic and scientific components that fosters research and organizing international scientific conferences.

This scientific activity is organized in cooperation with the University “Aleksander Moisiu” Durres, Tetovo State University, AAB College and the European Centre for Vocational Education (QEAP-HEIMERER), the Albanian Institute of Sociology, Association Albanian Sociological Association, and International Sociology Forum BSF.

The conference lasted two days and took place in parallel in several thematic sessions, where among many researchers were presented a number of AAB College teachers as Elizabeth Musliu, Alberite Bytyqi, Xhevahire Izmaku, Naile Demiri, Donik Sallova, etc.