At AAB College began the action for voluntary blood donation

10 May 2017

The College of Nursing of AAB College, in cooperation with the National Center for Blood Transfusion (KKAP), within the framework to marking the International Nursing Day, today in the premises of AAB College, started a one day donation for voluntary blood donation by students and the staff of this institution, under the motto: “Donate blood, save life”.

From the outset, there was a great readiness of students, academic staff and other staff of this institution, as well as of other citizens outside of AAB for this action.

 “The staff of AAB College welcomed us and the number of donors  who showed interest to give blood is satisfactory,” said the manager of the Information Office of QKKTGJ, Melania Gjocaj .

The humanitarian blood action is traditional and is organized annually by AAB College in cooperation with (KCFR).