At AAB College, branch of Ferizaj was held the activity on theme: “Success stories with children”

15 February 2017

Students of the Faculty of Social Sciences of AAB College,the branch in Ferizaj, organized the activity called”Success stories with children”, where they discussed the gained  experience  in working with preschool children and successes during this experience.

This activity was organized to exchange successful experiences in educational work with children of preschool, and presented successful stories from: Gentiana Çollaku, manager of the garden “Bardha”, Besmire Bajrami, a nurse at Hendikos, Shpresa  Ademi, educator in Preschool institution “Ardhmëria jonë”, Shqipe Syla and Lumtirije Ibrahimi, educators in preschool”Engjujt”

The debate was led by tutors from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Azra Bushi, and was also attended by the academic staff of the faculty and director of the branch, Medain Hashani.