AAB College, the branch in Gjakova, signed two cooperation agreements with Regional Hospital “Isa Grezda” and with the Public Enterprise “Bus Station”

1 March 2016

In the wake of agreements with national and international institutions, the director of AAB’s branch in Gjakova, Jusuf Qarkaxhija, during these days has signed two cooperation agreements in Gjakova; Regional Hospital “Isa Grezda” and the Public Enterprise “Bus Station”.

The aim of these cooperation agreements is the creation of the best possible for the students of AAB College to complete practical training at the Regional Hospital “Isa Grezda” and Public Enterprise “Bus Station” at the management sector, public administration and accounting etc.

Also, at the Regional Hospital “Isa Grezda” prospect students of the Nursing Faculty of AAB College will be able to complete professional practice. With this cooperation agreement foresees the realization of joint projects and research, workshops on various topics of interest to the concerned.

Both agreements were signed by the Director of AAB’s branch in Gjakova, Jusuf Qarkaxhija, and on behalf of the Regional Hospital “Isa Grezda” signed by Dr.Ahmet Aslan, and on behalf of the Company “Bus Station” signed by the director Ilir Lyta.

After the signed agreements, Qarkaxhija, the director said that these agreements are becoming the aim of providing practical training and other professional activities for our students.