AAB College closer to labor market requirements

2 April 2024
AAB College more and more close to the demands of the labor market

The Faculty of Foreign Languages at AAB College is the first in Kosovo to integrate professionalized technology into translation courses. From today, the students of the English Language Department will be trained in how to use the “Trados Studio” software, thus fulfilling a basic requirement of the labor market predetermined by the EU.

Obtaining the license of “Trados Studio” was made possible thanks to the cooperation with industry partners, more specifically with the company “TranKos Consulting”, which mediates this agreement with the company “RWS Group”.

On the first day of the training, the director of “Trados” Afrim Hyseni, among other things, said that AAB now offers the same service as other European universities. Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages Aida Alla encouraged the students to make the most of this opportunity.

One of the priorities of AAB College is the harmonization of study programs with the demands of the labor market, supporting it with the appropriate technological infrastructure. In this way, students contribute to the labor market with the right specialization.