AAB College congratulates high school seniors for completing the preliminary matura exams.

12 June 2019

Thousands of high school seniors of schools from all the Kosovo Municipalities, were part of the Preliminary Matura Testing School today, which is being organized regularly by AAB College since May 27, 2019.

With a record attendance in all three campuses of AAB College in Prishtina, Ferizaj and Gjakova, high school seniors benefited from this opportunity to repeat the teaching materials of all secondary school years, which they will be tested on in the matura exam that is to be held in the coming days.

A dozen of high school teachers were engaged in this major project, and when asked, they said that the students show a lot of promise and they are certain that they will pass the matura exam successfully.

Today, high school seniors had the opportunity to become part of a super-party organized by AAB College which was held on the Prishtina campus.

Happy and full of enthusiasm, hundreds of them did not hesitate to express their joy that in October they will return to AAB College, as a student.

AAB College congratulates all high school seniors on the completion of the preliminary matura exams.