At AAB College was held the Conference on the topic: ‘’Families, healthy life and sustainable future’’

13 May 2016

On the occasion of International Day of Families, at AAB College, was held the conference on the topic “Families, healthylife and sustainable future”, which was organized under the auspices of the Faculty of Psychology of the College AAB, in cooperation with Kosovo Association of Family Therapy and the Center for Human Services and Development. This conference aroused tremendous interest to researchers and professionals in the field of country and regional states, while its aim was to highlight the functioning of the family in the Republic of Kosovo, the challenges facing it and to encourage debate on basically the notions that affect the family, the individuals within it in our society.

 In opening part of the conference, Vice-Rector of AAB College, prof. Dr. ShemsedinVehapi, in his speech said that not coincidentallythe basis for a healthy, strong and prosperous society is family.

At the plenary session, the paper was presented by dr. sc. Tahir Latifi, with the theme “Social Security as a family affair: care within and between generations in Kosovo”. He talked about the political turmoil that took place during the 80s, the destruction of industry in the 90s, and destruction during the war in 1998/99, with the result that the state has not established proper social policy.

Besides the conference the plenary session was held in two sessions, where were presented over 20 participants – researchers and professionals from related fields, who contributed with their work and scientific findings.

At the end of the conference he said the topics of research emerging from this conference will be an added value, not only to promote healthy family, that family which guards the cohesion or its flexibility, but the devices with many new instruments that are in step with science.

Otherwise, all tools that have been collected as a result of participation in the conference “Families, healthy life and sustainable future”, AAB donated to Kosovo Association of Family Therapy.