AAB College held the largest scientific conference in the region for journalism

1 June 2015

The International Scientific Conference for the communications and media “The global information and the national cultures” – was organized by the Faculty of Mass Communication of AAB in cooperation with the Department of Journalism and Communication of the (public) University of Tirana, IPAG School of Paris and Ecole Superieure de Journalisme of Paris, held at the AAB University.

This conference which already is traditional attracted remarkable interest to academics, students and professionals of this field not only by our country but also from other countries, such as: Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, France, etc.

Upon the opening of the conference, the Rector of AAB University, Prof. Dr. Lulezim Tafa, held a speech, as well as Dr. Cecile Vrain, the director for International Relations in Ecole Superieure de Journalisme in Paris, and Prof. Dr. Artan Fuga, Head of the Department of the Journalism at the University of Tirana.

The plenary session was moderated by Associate Prof. Dr. Bashkim Gjergji, and publications by the researchers from all participating countries were presented several such as: Prof. dr. Artan Fuga, in his publication “Understanding the « sub local » news  in social media”, dr. Cecile Vrain, in her publication “Women in French media”,  Prof. dr. Ibrahim Berisha, dr. Derek Elzein,  Paris Descartes – Sorbonne,  “Western media and their impact to third parties (1): The case of media in USA”, assoc. Prof. dr. Mark Marku “Tregu i përbashkët mediatik albanofon mes realitetit dhe utopisë”.

Besides the plenary session, in the conference were developed also the works of 51 participants in several sessions, – academics and professionals of the relevant field, moderated by Prof. Dr. Artan Fuga, Prof. Dr. Hamit Boriçi, Prof. assoc. Dr. Ibrahim Berisha and Dr. Hasan Saliu, prof. assoc. dr. Mark Marku and Dr. Jonila Godole etc.

There were presented various publications and researches of young researchers, university professors and the partner institutions of AAB, also students of these profiles. The International Scientific Conference with the topic “The global information and the national cultures” was organized within the Manifestation “Days of AAB, 2015”.