AAB College holds a commemorative meeting for professor Burbuqe Berisha

28 October 2021

Professors, students, colleagues, artists and many friends gathered today at AAB College to commemorate the professor and vice dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Burbuqe Berisha, who suddenly passed away on Wednesday.

On this occasion, Rector Bujar Demjaha said that AAB College lost a great teacher, which is a significant loss for the artistic community. “Buqja left us yesterday, joining the angels in heaven, but she will continue to communicate with us and with the students she loved so much,” said Demjaha.

The speech of Burbuqe Berisha’s friend, and founder of AAB College, Ilir Tafa, was heartfelt. Buqja passed away yesterday, leaving us utterly ill-unprepared to face the pain inflicted upon us by her departure, said Ilir Tafa. This event at AAB College, being held in Buqe’s name, is the first to find us absent her, Ilir Tafa continued.

“We will keep a picture of Buqja at AAB College as a source of strength in trying times.” said Tafa.

Finally, he said that the International Theater Festival organized by AAB College, from now on will bear the name of Burbuqe Berisha.

“Education and culture were lifetime partners to her. She contributed highly to both education and culture. She gave generously through her work to film, to students, to the Faculty of Mass Communication. Today we applaud and celebrate Buqe’s work,” said Hasan Saliu, Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication.

Saliu spoke of Buqes work ethic fondly, saying: “At work, she was a hurricane, she worked tirelessly with passion and unbridled energy”

At the commemorative meeting organized by AAB College, Buqe’s sister Trëndelina Berisha also spoke, who on behalf of the family thanked AAB College for everything it has done to support Buqe, who in recent years suffered from a serious illness.

“Buqja was a pillar of support to us because we grew up without parents. I cannot imagine that Buqja is not amongst us anymore, but we are very proud and happy that we had such a sister, and for everything she has done for the family and society “, said Trëndelina.

Burbuqe Berisha left behind a sensational artistic career and works that will always be remembered in Albanian art and cinema.