AAB College honors Romanian poet Ion Deaconescu with the Honorary Professor Award

20 November 2021

With a solemn ceremony attended by students, professors and all those who love writing, AAB College gave the Honorary Professor Award to renowned Romanian writer Ion Deaconescu.

In his keynote address, the President of AAB College, Lulzim Tafa, said that Ion Deaconescu is one of the main personalities of cultural life of Romania. “An undisputed literary authority. Deaconescu is a great friend of Kosovo and a promoter of Albanian literature in Romania. He has played and still plays an important role in the friendship between Kosovo and Romania,” said Tafa.

Meanwhile, the Rector of AAB College, Bujar Demjaha said that this award is given to the Romanian poet and writer Ion Deaconescu for his contribution to the education of entire generations, for the great art he has given to readers around the world and for the promotion of the friendship between Kosovo and Romania.

Romanian writer and poet Ion Deaconescu was honored by the award and promotion of his novel. “It is a special pleasure to be here today in one of the best universities in the Balkans and maybe even beyond. By accepting this award, I do not know how to feel other than great. You have honored my work in strengthening friendship between peoples, and this is fantastic.” said Deaconescu.

The poet’s novel “The bird is me” was promoted during this ceremony. This novel was published in Albanian by the Publishing House “Bogdani”. On this occasion, the publisher Jeton Kelmendi and the vice-rector of AAB College, Venera Llunji, spoke about the book, who highly appreciated this literary work. Divided into 29 subheadings, the novel “The bird is me”, is about the life and work of the Romanian sculptor, Constantin Brancusi.