AAB College hosted a lecture on breast cancer awareness

31 October 2019

As part of the worldwide-hosted events of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Faculty of Radiology Technicians at AAB College organized a lecture for students, staff and other interested parties.

In this lecture by renowned radiologist Dr. Shkëndije Nuza, the process of breast cancer, from the appearance of symptoms, to the self-examination and the psychological impact of the disease on patients, was discussed.

“In our day-to-day work, we find that there is always someone who brings patients in for examination, so we decided to hold this lecture in front of you in order to increase our population’s awareness of the disease” said Nuza.

“The factors that put us at risk for this disease are divided into controllable and uncontrollable factors such as age, genetics, menstrual cycle, childbirth. Each of us can perform self-examination in front of the mirror by lightly pressing the breast with the tip of our finger in a circular motion” said Nuza.

Radiologist Nuza also said that even though October is the month of awareness for this disease, the fight against it is ongoing year-round. She also said men are affected by the disease, but such cases are very rare.

On the other hand, Radiology expert, Dr. Bujar Gjikolli said that organizing such awareness lectures from now on at the Faculty of Radiology, will be a traditional event: ““In the coming years, October will always be the month where we will organize events and activities to raise the awareness on breast cancer. This is a dangerous and growing disease, which can also transform into a chronic one” said Mr. Gjikolli.

According to UCCK statistics in our country, during 2019 alone, about 200 new cases of breast cancer were registered.