AAB College in collaboration with the Embassy of France and the Francophone Alliance organize fair of French Universities

10 December 2021

14 universities from France on December 8 held 20-minute webinars, each presenting their own curriculum.

This meeting was initially greeted by the Rector of AAB College, Dr. Sc. Bujar Demjaha who stressed that an open approach and a close cooperation between AAB College and the universities of France is a necessity.

He also talked about the commitment of AAB College to start a special cooperation relationship with the Embassy of France in order to expand our cooperation with universities in France, which lead in academics and science, in technological development, and scientific research.

Whereas, the representative of the French Embassy, Mr. Donato Giuliani also spoke about various activities which are supported by the Embassy of France and the Francophone Alliance for the benefit of the students and staff of AAB College, as a result of the cooperation agreement that, so far, has been showing very good results between the parties involved.

Among other things, he spoke about the opportunities for AAB College students to be an active part of not only study events but also various cultural and artistic events through visits and various projects that have been made and are planned to take place throughout the coming months.

Part of this meeting was also Mrs. Elona Toro, director of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (University Agency of the Francophonie), who talked more in-depth about the programs, different courses, trainings, and vocational schools that they offer. She also spoke about the different levels of study offered in all available fields.

Zana Latifi, representative of Campus France, also gave a very interesting presentation about studies in France, their cost and opportunities for various scholarships.

The Vice-Rector for International Relations and Cooperation at AAB College, Venera Llunji spoke about the importance that studies outside Kosovo have in their intellectual development and their development as honest citizens of our country.

She also compared Kosovo to a Ghetto which the younger generations should get out of, at least for a certain period of time, saying that studies abroad give them the opportunity to experience individual independence, and the opportunity to use their newfound lessons, experiences, and intellectual development upon their return to Kosovo and make changes for the better.

This will allow them to grow as individuals and to improve the lives of others around them, making them honest citiziens, which Kosovo direly needs.