AAB College in cooperation with Giz Dimak organizes “Preparation for the labor market” training

4 November 2022

Within the activities of the Career Center of AAB College, in cooperation with GIZ DIMAK, the following training was held regarding the preparation for the labor market.

In the presence of the students of AAB College, GIZ DIMAK presented samples on how to write a CV, cover letter and how to conduct a job interview. The number of interested students was very large, as they shared their experiences of applying for jobs and how they think the required qualifications should be met.

At the end, there were also improvisations of a job interview, where the students practiced how one takes place with employers and applicants for a certain job position.

These activities extremely help the students of AAB College in order to be prepared and to be aware of the necessary qualifications that further facilitate the access into the labor market.