At AAB College was marked the International Freedom of Press Day

10 May 2017

Within  the framework of the World Press Freedom Day,Mass Communication  Faculty of AAB College  and the Kosovo Institut for Media and Communication held a joint activity focusing on the level of freedom press in Kosovo.

On this occasion, were also presented the findings of the research conducted by IKMK , which was conitnued  even with a debate organized on this occasion, where the invited were media leaders and deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo. The research presentation was made by Resul Sinani and Kaltrina Ajeti.

In this debate participated also media leaders of the country such as: Eugen Saraçini from RTV21, Gazmend Syla from Klan Kosova, Leonard Kçuki from the Express journal and Astrit Gashi from Blicthe journal who gave their own opinions on how they qualify the media freedom In Kosovo, as well as the journalists and editors.

The media leaders praised the IKMK Institute for this research and provided their assessment and suggestions for the future.