AAB College marks Global Entrepreneurship Week with a discussion on successful business women in Kosovo

14 November 2018

Marking the global entrepreneurship week 2018 in Kosovo, today at AAB College, a discussion was held on the subject of challenges and successes of women entrepreneurs in Kosovo. Attending this discussion were successful women entrepreneurs who spoke about not only ideas, but also the successes they have achieved so far in their careers.

The director of the Women’s Association “Laddy”, Sanije Murati, stated that challenges do not stop the women of Kosovo from journeying towards a successful business, and that the way they decide to go about implementing business ideas is a lesson in itself.

Meanwhile, the owner of KultPlus newspaper, Ardianë Pajaziti shared with the audience the pertinent intricacies of the creation of her online newspaper. She stated that, in order to be a successful entrepreneur in Kosovo one must research the market and discover in what areas it is lacking.

Also present in this panel of discussion were Ardiana Balaj, an entrepreneur in the company “Login”, and Dorina Lluka from the “YMCA” organization, both of whom expressed their pleasure in taking part in this discussion organized by AAB College and stated that discussions like this one today are essential for the success of women entrepreneurs in Kosovo. The panel of discussion was closed with an interactive debate between the student audience of AAB College and the women entrepreneurs.