AAB College marks the International Cinematography Day

28 December 2018

In honor of the 28th December, the International Cinematography Day, AAB’s Faculty of Mass Communication organized a meeting with film director Isa Qosja.

Known for his artistic and documentary films, Qosja spoke today in front of AAB students about the current state of the motion picture in Kosovo and the region. He also spoke of important factors that define the current situation of the film industry, which according to him, is not in its best shape.

He also mentioned some differences between the cinematography of Albania and that of Kosovo. The mainstream cinematography of Kosovo has the ability to reach into the emotions of the viewer, which, according to him, is the very purpose of a movie.

“There are many differences in the cinematography of Kosovo and Albania, even though we are one people. In Albania, they emphasize dialogue more than the deeper feelings and emotions in film. They often tell us that we have good actors here, to which I reply, we have good actors because they know how to incite emotions.” added Qosja.

He also talked about the differences between American and European cinematography, pointing out that American cinematography is very different from the European one because of a very important factor — narration. “American cinematography is far more narrative, more indicative, more straightforward. In America, the film is made with a single purpose in mind, entertaining the public” said director Qosja. 

Qosja stated that a well-educated country should understand that people who deal with art are dedicated people, and that they should be supported both financially and emotionally. Our country specifically needs art and artists, because this is the only way through which we can show the world that we do matter and we can bring to life films that can compete in the world of cinema.