AAB College medical students soon to take part in Iowa Scholarships

25 September 2018


Representatives of AAB College have attended a meeting today with Dr. Douglas Fiore, President of Mercy College of Health Sciences, Iowa, and Mrs. Edlira Dibrani, Official from the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo. The purpose of this visit was to get acquainted with AAB College and its academic activities and infrastructure; more specifically, the medical study programs. During her visit, Dr. Fiore was shown the successful nursing program of AAB College, its advanced laboratories and its academic staff members.

After the presentation of the achievements of AAB College by the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Dr. Idriz Sopjani, on behalf of his institution, Dr. Fiore expressed his willingness to support AAB College, students, and academic staff in their development in the field of medical sciences. In order to mark the completion of the join activities, Dr. Sopjani and Dr. Fiore consented that both institutions will work towards the drafting of a collaboration agreement that will foresee the exchange of academic professional staff and students between them. Part of the agreement was also the provision of mobility scholarships for AAB students in Mercy College of Health Sciences, IOWA. 

Mercy College of Health Sciences in Iowa, US, is a higher education institution, which provides study programs in the field of medical sciences.